Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books

This is a list of fantasy-genre books and series I love. I am always on the lookout for new ones. Fantasy is a bit of a broad genre for me - it's not just stories of elves and orcs and dwarves; any story with some fantastical element that I cannot place into other genres fall here.

The Edge Chronicles, by Chris Riddel and Paul Stewart
With one of the more fantastical worlds I have encountered, the Edge Chronicles is easily a perennial favorite. It has great worldbuilding and easy-to-relate characters accompanied by Chris Riddel's amazing pencil drawings. The art is truly complementary in this series.

Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien
LOTR needs no introduction. It was the first dense book I read. I struggled at the beginning, since I was reading this a month into my family's move to South Korea - I need to switch contexts, languages, and environments, all while learning English at a faster pace. I love the serioes for its frank take on war, and for its acceptability to all ages.

The Wildings, by Nilanjana Roy
The Wildings and its sequel, The Hundred Names of Darkness, are fantastic books for cat lovers. Beautifully illustrated by Prabha Mallya, it follows the life of a house cat Mara as she juggles life between her comfortable home and the stray cats of Nizammuddin Quarter in Delhi.